Injectors SSSperformance 1300cc 15-60-14-4C (4 cylinders) 1300cc injectors

1300cc injectors

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Теги: Toyota evo mitsubishi Injector Top feed id1000 evolution 1000cc id 4g63 lancer sssperformance

Manufacturer: SSSperformance

Part Number: 1300-156014-4C

Product Description:

The SSSperformance injectors a are all new injector based on Bosch Motorsport. This is the best injector on the market. It is very different from a traditional injector. It idles smoother, is easier to tune with, and provides more consistant, better fuel delivery.

Flow Rate:

  • Flow Rate in CC per minute: 1470 CC/min @ 58 PSI
  • Flow Rate in CC per minute: 1270 CC/min @ 43.5 PSI

Fuel Compatibility:

  • Compatible With All Known Fuels

Basic Specifications:

  • Resistance: 12.8-14.5 Ohms
  • Voltage: 8-15 Volts, Nominal 13.5 Volts
  • Sample Latency: 1.11 ms at 14 volts,3 BAR
  • Pressure: Min. 36 PSI (2.5 bar), Max. 101 PSI (7 bar)


  • Injector Length: O-Ring to O-Ring: 62 mm
  • Injector Overall Length: 74 mm
  • Injector Body Diameter: 16mm
  • Top O-Ring: 14mm
  • Bottom Top Seal: 15.5mm




  • Injectors
  • Adapters
  • Connectors for jetronic