SSSperformance Ignition coil pack Nissan GTR  BNR34 Ignition system for Nissan Skyline with RB26DETT

Ignition system for Nissan Skyline with RB26DETT

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Теги: Ignition Coil on plug nissan gtr skyline coils gt-r bnr bcnr rb26dett sssp

Aftermarket COP (Coil On Plug) bolt on kit for Nissan GTR BNR34 to support up to 1000 whp.


  • Does not require CDI unit
  • Easy to replace stock coils
  • No special skills required.


Please check Fitment before ordering!


This set will provide better ignition which will improve fuel economy and increase vehicle response.

It is also a MUST HAVE for boost up cars or cars with a big turbo ( GTX 30-35 or more), as it will provide steady spark under high boost conditions resulting in HP and torque increase.


  • Full set for installation
  • 6 coils
  • Harness
  • Baseplate
  • fixture